Facebook Introduces Action Links to the Open Graph [BLOG]

Dear Friends and followers, Brian Solis (@briansolis) recently shared some interesting thoughts about Facebook’s latest addition to the Open Graph that might be of interest to you.

From the post:

The goal of an Open Graph strategy is not to just send an interesting Action Verb into the timeline to entice a click, it must unlock a microcosm of fellowship. The Action Verb is just the hook, but it is what unfolds next that influences whether or not a new user installs the app and continues to use it as part of their everyday Facebook routine. Indeed, the Open Graph is an open invitation to creativity and innovation. At the same time, it’s also an opportunity to introduce ways to expand relevant shares and app-generated engagement from social graph to social graph.

Automatic status updates using Action Verbs are just the beginning. Now Facebook is introducing Action Links. If Action Verbs are designed to trigger the social effect, Action Links are intended to drive intended outcomes or “clicks to action.”

Here we see a couple of difference examples where an automatic update now included a link at the bottom for friends to take action. In the Fab example, the Action Verb is “faved” and the Action Link lets friends “Fave this Product.”


Read the whole post over at Brian’s blog.

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The State and Future of Social Business [PRESENTATION]

Dear friends and followers, the ever brilliant Jeremiah Owyang (@jowyang) recently posted yet another new Altimeter report that might be of interest to you.

From the post:

  • Trend 1: Corporate Websites Reborn. I assert that corporate websites as we know them will be defunct, instead they will dynamically assemble content on the fly, making every page dynamic based on social data.
  • Trend 2: Social Becomes Automated: Bots among us? Sort of. We’re already seeing the rise of Social Performance Software emerge, and this will enable brands to quickly respond (yet there are risks)
  • Trend 3: To be Heard, You Will Pay: With every brand using social networks promoting their latest product, the space is getting saturated, as a result, social networks will monetize by making content visible, via ads.


Make sure to read the complete post on Jeremiah’s blog.

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Social Media Lunch Cologne Recognized Social Media Domain Expert by Jeremiah Owyang [PLUG]

Dear friends and followers, the ever enlightening Jeremiah Owyang (@jowyang) [that we publish to excess sometimes publish on this blog] recently listed the founder of Social Media Lunch Cologne as a Social Media Domain Expert.

We thought that was pretty neat and wanted to share this recognition with you; You should all consider this as a collective recognition; Without you guys there would be no Social Media Lunch Cologne!

Thank you, Jeremiah (@jowyang)!

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A Strategy for Managing Social Media Proliferation [Report]

Dear friends and followers, the ever brilliant Jeremiah Owyang (@jowyang) recently posted a new Altimeter report that might be of interest.

From the post:

Five Use Cases for Social Media Management

Get account control now –or risk a career of continual social media sanitation. To match the growing consumer adoption of social media, many companies have launched social media efforts with little planning. As social media spreads beyond corporate communications and marketing, business groups are deploying social media without a standardized process. In fact, enterprise class corporations (those with over 1,000 employees) have an average of 178 social media accounts and this number will only grow if left unchecked. Companies that don’t control these accounts are at risk of having abandoned accounts, lack of consistent experience, or untrained employees creating a crisis.

Make sure to read the whole blog post over at http://www.web-strategist.com.

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“State of Social Business”, Jeremiah Owyang at LeWeb 2011

Dear friends and followers, we wish you a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year and leave you with this brilliant talk by Jeremiah Owyang (@jowyang) at the recent LeWeb 2011 in Paris.

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-Is Your Business Antisocial? [BLOG]

Dear Friends and followers, Brian Solis recently posted some interesting thoughts about how businesses trying to be social can in fact be antisocial that you might find stimulating.

[…]Social networks usher in a era of transparency and authenticity and these two elements represent the hallmark of your corporate social media program. You are walking the two-way street and you’re already successfully building a community rich with the 3F’s (friends, fans, and followers). How can your business possibly be antisocial? […]

Read the full post at Brian Solis’ blog.

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Introduction to Social Media Measurement with HootSuite [WHITEPAPER]

Dear friends and followers, the company HootSuite recently released a whitepaper on social media measurement that may be of interest.

View more documents from HootSuite

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The History of Social Media from 550 BC to Today [INFOGRAPHIC]

Dear friends and followers, skloog.com recently published a chart of the history of social media that might be of interest to you:

History of Social Media

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Ragan Social Media Governance [PRESENTATION]

Dear friends and followers, you might find this presentation on Social Media Governance from Ragan and the Fibonacci Design Group of interest.

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-A Brief Cartoon History of Social Networking [PRESENTATION]

Dear friends and followers, the people at PeopleBrowsr recently commissioned a creative presentation that you might find of interest:

View more presentations from PeopleBrowsr

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